Criminal Justice degree Day #3…no sushi…

Another good day in class. I sat in the chair in the same spot as I did on the first day in my first class, and I seemed to fit in the seat better. But then I was probably bloated or something on the first day, or it was a different chair altogether anyhow, LOL!

Not much to report other than that, really. I’m going to definitely enjoy that first class. It’s American Constitutional Law, and it’s all very interesting. I’m so happy that I am getting this PCOS treated, because now I can think clearer. Definitely something I’m going to mention to my nurse practitioner next Thursday.

Another I wanted to mention—I ran into the woman who was my immediate supervisor at the library when I interned there. If you don’t know that background (many probably don’t, I doubt I’ve ever really mentioned it), I interned at the Seneca Nation Library for part of the summer before and part of my final semester for my last degree. My minor is Native American Studies, and so I was lucky enough to be able to get that as my internship, which has given me my only real official experience in a library. It was also the first time such an internship had been established (with the library I mean). As such, now I have friendships with the ladies who worked there. Only ladies worked the library….which I find a bit interesting. Anyhow, the director while I was there is now the Native American Consortium Chairperson at the college, so I go in there and say hi to her once in a while. I ended up showing her some privacy settings on Facebook. And she posed a question to me, which I still need to look into.

Okay, now other than THAT, I don’t have anything else. Tomorrow’s another day, and I’m definitely looking forward to it now 🙂

Take care!

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