Criminal Justice Degree: Day 2 or I had sushi for lunch!

It’s just starting. The most difficult thing so far has been the most difficult thing all summer—dealing with my 13 year old. Right now she’s not very fond of the fact that I’ve made sure she’s with someone every day of this week. She keeps complaining to people that I think she needs a babysitter.

Well, the simple fact of the matter is that she DOES. She’s only 13, people! I think it’s rather irresponsible of people, such as her best friend’s parents, that allow the children to go about very unsupervised. In fact, her best friend has to watch her little sister (who is about a year younger than P), and often takes her down to the McDonald’s down the street. Walking down there. 😦 I will let her go over to the friend’s house occasionally, but we check up on her. And, sure the friend has a cell phone and is in fact a bit easier to reach than D, but I still find it irresponsible…we don’t let D go all the time (though T probably would), and she is not even going over there this week! That’s just how it happened, it wasn’t intentional.

So, anyhow, about college. It’s been interesting so far. P likes day care. It’s a good day care, I sent D there the first year I was in college for my English degree, and used their after school program when off and on the rest of the time I was in college, when needed, including that last semester.

My classes so far seem interesting. I’ve got American Constitutional Law, which sounds like it’s going to be fun, and Intro to Criminal Justice, where I think the prof is actually younger than I am! Even though HE already has 2 degrees and is working on his PhD! Today is Criminal Justice Ethics, and Social Statistics. I’m not looking forward to Social Statistics—Research Methods, which I took to fill a requirement in my GCP, was difficult.

But that brings up a very interesting aspect of my PCOS that I’ve already noticed. I can tell, now, where the insulin was affecting my brain! I can think clearer, and understand the teachers better, without my mind wandering, which it used to do a lot. It wanders some now, but most of the time it’s directly class related (a comment I might make when I go up to the prof after to introduce myself, like I always do the first day), and my mind quickly returns to the matter at hand (though, I still find that sometimes it decides to do this at an inappropriate time, so I have to figure out what I’m hearing and missed. Not hard though, not anymore). While I found RM difficult to concentrate on, I did find it interesting. Of course. I’ll be learning how evaluate some things, and dealing with numbers and variables, which I enjoyed in the mathematics and science courses I’ve taken over the years…I really do like a whole lot of things, so figuring out a degree and a direction to my life outside the home has been more difficult that you could imagine and maybe I’ve ever let on. Part of the process for deciding this degree was what I enjoyed from the last one. Part of the last degree was what would I enjoy doing (working in a library—and, really, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that internship!!!), how to get there, and what in the path of getting there I enjoyed the most. And now I’m not just going for a specific job or field (though I would still like archival stuff, which I imagine is pretty close to dealing with things/information in a library), but a broader range of expertise and training. I still feel like I could go anywhere or do anything….

I’ve found the changes on campus in the 5 short years I’ve been gone very interesting. And the things that stayed the same. The cafe in the building I’ve always hung out in (because all of my classes tend to be in that and one other building, even now), has changed quite a bit. But there’s a lot that’s still the same. I don’t like the tables they have there now—they are much smaller than the ones when I was first here. The cafeteria in the main “community” building has had some significant improvements, but then it’s still pretty much the same—with cooler choices on the menu! Like Sushi! Which I had for lunch!


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