Exciting things on the horizon.

Well, we’re not quite totally into the homebuying process yet–I’ve talked to a few mortgage lenders, but nothing’s solid yet. To tell you the truth, on that front part of me is somewhat disappointed and giving up. One day we’ll get there, I just doubt that we’ll arrive this year. Which sucks, since I really wanted to take advantage of the up to $8K rebate for buying a house.

No, what I’m talking about is my next round of college. Classes, books, schedules, day care, papers, tests, interaction with other students, interactions with teachers…one day an internship with something Criminal Justice-y. As such, we’re going to get laptops. Yes, I said laptops. I was planning on one for me anyhow, but the husband also wants one. I’m looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I will fall into the familiar rut of everything being on that machine, but it will be nice to have one central place I won’t have to share with anyone else! To such end, and also in an effort to help with our homebuying endeavors, T’s getting a loan for said laptops, plus also the start of day care for P, and another things he’s got going on. It’s too long to explain…I look forward, though, to being able to pull it out any time I need to do something on the computer, instead of having to wait for others. Which really is part of the reason why you haven’t heard for me much this summer (even considering the fact how many times D got grounded from it and period.). I hope for you to hear more from me. I hope to have more to say. I hope to be able to streamline my life more on that machine. It’ll be like a great big, overgrown, electronic notebook. I’m not sure what kind we’re going to get. I know T’s been looking around. My facebook addiction and work should definitely go faster! I could even have it at this time tomorrow! Oh what a dream…I hope the loan goes through and we go out to get them PRONTO! I’m going to go ask him in a few minutes. Oh. I know it’s nighttime right now. But he’s on vacation. It’s over this weekend. His dad was supposed to come out. He didn’t 😦 Long story of it’s own. But I guess he’s supposed to come out in December, which will be cool. I hope it will be after I’m done with classes so I can give him my whole attention 😀

Okay, later. I think that’s it for now. I hope to be in more contact soon! 😀


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