Fast Friday

Sorry, you’re not getting your usual Friday meme here.  Maybe, depending on how much catching up I do today, I’ll get it out for you later.

See?  I’m still around.  Just puttering for the most part.  Still feel WORLDS better than I did, in part because I’m keeping up with the Vitamin A and the Fish Oil, but also because I’ve got the metformin part of the PCOS treatment going.  I’ve not started the birth control pills yet, but hope to real soon because I’m pretty sure between the aches in my arms and back and the bit of emotional-ness I currently feel, my period should be coming on!  So hopefully be the end of this month, if not soon into August!

The latest boyfriend for D is no more.  Long story short, he broke up with her this weekend and is now going with her friend.  She’s trying hard to avoid them as much as possible (she’s got her cell phone back [grumble grumble grumble], so that’s about the only way the friend will contact her now, through text, and the ex has called a couple times to bawl her own for putting it on her friend.), and she’s trying to work through it.  She’s doing somewhat better now than she was Monday…she got the “I thought I made it clear we were broke up” on Sunday, after which daddy climbed into the back back seat of the Traverse we were renting—I’ve got to update you on our weekend last weekend too, don’t I?  That’s a long story too.  Anyhow, T got in the back seat and held her while she cried in the WalMart parking lot.

On the crafting front, I’ve put aside the cross stitch I was working on because the back stitching was giving me fits—I have to finish that during daylight, because I just can’t get true enough light from our crappy lightbulbs at night.  I’m back to that big knitting project, with my excess yarn, when I want to craft.  Otherwise, I’m reading.  I’m currently working on Just Enough Light from my summer list, I’ve finished Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson, and will soon be working my way through Breaking Dawn.  I’ve got another pile of books from the library, and will be working on Anne Rice’s Jesus series plus her recent biographical work.

I guess that’s it. Right now, strangely, I’m missing my friend from the FIB list whom I talk to a lot on Facebook. I should get going, take a shower, read that bible, do some more cleaning.

Take care.


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