Proverbs 31 Ministries: Daily Devotions: Shine


The devotion for yesterday (the one for today is still a bit jarring, you’ll have to excuse me for not dealing with it publicly..if you want to see it you can go here.) had an interesting verse quoted with it.  I do hesitate to share my comments as it seems I might be beating a dead horse with who I refer to…however, they are so IN YOUR FACE, or rather in mine, since their trailer is directly behind us…that I can’t often escape hearing their voices, whether I want to or not…

This is the accompanying verse:

Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (NIV)

Unfortunately, I’m coming to realize that even if I made an effort to let my light shine to them (at least to the women in this family, which is sad because they are mostly women), it would not matter because they still wouldn’t see.  (The husband/father actually might!  Poor guy!  In that he’s trapped in that family.)

However, taking the actual context of the devotion…it leaves me excited and eager to move on up out of here, above and beyond my severe dislike for this house and this trailer park.  Basically put, Van points out that it does not matter where we move, because He will always be with us…sure, there might be times when, posed with a choice or just out of the blue, there will be a specific place and a specific time for us to go there.

But there will also be times when He’ll leave the choosing up to us.  Of 2 (or more—how wonderful an idea) places with equal “goodness”.  And it’s not that we’re taking His job, either.  The best thing about our relationship with Him is that includes some work from us.  Anyone in a good marriage knows that—the best ones take WORK!

I’m eager to find out what will happen in our house hunt.  I’m eager for when it can begin (because it should be right around that corner!  I hope I hope I hope!).  I know if there is more than one place (there are 2 places we are eyeing right now), then it will be because they are equally good…and we’ll get to participate in this relationship!

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