Thursday Thirteen – Water—or lack of access to that there of.

My village recently had a water main break, which the village government and the county are concerned may have compromised the water system (due to it’s lowering the water level, etc). In an effort to avoid whatever…things…might infest the system, they have put a 4 day “boil water advisory” on the town. So I’m going to challenge myself to see if I can come up with 13 things I (we) am (are) missing because of this.

1. A shower in my own bathroom – thank goodness my parents DON’T own a house in this village. Or else we might not have had a place to take a shower! We went up to my dad’s this evening 🙂

2. Drawing a glass of water any time I want – I try to drink a lot of water, nearly every thing I drink is water. Or water based somehow. I can’t—I’ve got my tea pot full and a pot of water full of boiled water. I have to put it in the fridge before I can drink it. Or else it’s warm when I do. I’ve got to get some water from the store (gonna do that tomorrow!).

3. Washing my hands after using the bathroom – I just try to be really careful…or use the bathroom in the next town over (which is directly adjacent to our village.)

4. Washing clothes – yeah, I’ve got a load of T’s uniforms in, but I’m not going to be washing anymore…and I’m thinking I should go in and take those out. But then I’d have to touch them…ugh. How am I going to pull that off???

5. Washing dishes – OMG, I can not believe I just said that! Because I can’t stand doing dishes. But, again, it would be prohibitive to boil the water just for this. Though if I use one of the gallons of water I get from the store for that…I should be good to go, so it’s not too hot. Right?

6. Mopping the floor – Okay, I don’t ACTUALLY plan on mopping the floor today or even this weekend. But I can’t if I wanted to (because I have thought about it), because then I would, again, have to touch the water.

7. Drinking fountain drinks from any nearby store – because they run off of the village’s water supply and…do I really have to explain this part? Somehow I never got that the water used in the fountain machines was town water. Interesting.

8. Washing my face – I don’t do it often (and, actually, would use a diaper wipe more often than the sink and/or a washcloth), but I can’t now.

9. Brushing my teeth – we can still do this, but it means getting a glass of that boiled water…and most of the time it will be warm or have to sit in the fridge.

10. Preparing bottles – actually, this is more of a concern for whether or not my neighbor is able to prep the formula for her newborn son. But I see her bringing cases of water home, so I hope she’s already using that anyhow. I’ve meant to ask her for a while.

11. Cleaning – in general. I thought of mopping first because I’ve actually been pondering it, but I’d like to wipe down the windowsill behind me, and maybe my kitchen table. And my bathtub/shower needs cleaned too.

12. Eating salad or any vegetable – because you need to wash them.

13. Making other drinks – like Kool-Aid (okay, hadn’t planned on that) or fruit juices from concentrate (I think I have a can of apple juice in the back of my fridge).

1 thing I can still do with ease – Use the toilet! I mean, I don’t have to touch the water to use it, now do I?

To join in, go to the new Thursday 13 hub!

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