Now living with PCOS

That’s right. My diagnosis is official. I went in on Thursday for another follow-up, this time for a set of blood work ordered by my gynecologist (rather, the nurse practitioner who my sister and I both happen to use), and it’s official. Clinically, though not in the same way even I think my sister is, I’m a sufferer of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Which I’ve known for nearly 10 years, I’ve just finally convinced the medical community to help me nail it down.

My clinicals:

My ovaries have not appeared polycystic on an ultrasound. But I’ve only had one specific ultrasound to look at them.
I have elevated blood pressure.
My blood glucose levels are fine.
My insulin levels, however, are higher than we’d like (over the 20 mark).
My FSH/LSH levels are fine—they tend to go by the ratio, but not so much anymore.
My cholesterol levels are WONDERFUL. Better than the NP’s actually.
My estrogen levels are lower than the NP would like “for a woman my age”.
My testosterone, however, is high.
Infertility is actually quite common for PCOS women—that’s why they looked into it for my sister. But I have 2 kids.

I’ve been prescribed Metformin (for the insulin) and birth control pills (for the testosterone). I’ve started the Met. I felt pretty good about 2 hours later, and T wanted to go for a walk, so I went for one too. Of course, since he’s about a foot taller, and has much longer legs, he walks faster than me, so he went for QUITE a walk, where as I only got to his work. About a mile and a half. Not bad. But then I came home, had some lunch and some Ginger Soda, and I think the sugar in that did me in. Because I ended up sleeping half the afternoon! And then most mornings after that, after I took the stuff. Not sure, though, if feeling like I’ve been roto-rutered is from that or from something else. I feel lighter, but I’m not expecting significant results until at least a month from now. Also, though, I’ve felt good enough to go for a walk more than just on Sunday (we went yesterday, Tuesday, too!). I’m really hoping this means just feeling and being better all around, because I want that. I didn’t come into looking for a (this) diagnosis for a quick fix. I knew if I had what I thought I had, it would take a while. I went into this looking to feel better when I came out. And I think that will happen. I hope so at least.


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