Haiku Friday – 7/3/09

After months…weeks…Years!
of waiting, things are starting
to finally happen!

The first result will be that
we will move. After waiting and
many “may I?”—I did!

Another result—
is I’m thinner, healthier, happier.
‘Cause I said I WILL!

Yup, things are starting to happen. I insisted we put in a loan application for a mortgage at the credit union—it’s not actually in there yet, but it’s filled out. And T has things moving with his 401(k) so he can pay off the last couple things he’s concerned with on his credit report and have the down payment ready when we get things moving on the loan front. We talked with a realtor on Tuesday, and we have a couple ideas of the houses we like—one I like more, one he likes more, but we really have to look first. 🙂

The other thing is that I’m now officially diagnosed with PCOS. I went in for the follow up on the last run of tests, which were mostly looking at hormones that hadn’t been checked before, and yup, clinically at least I’m Polycystic. My ovaries may not show it, they don’t really have to, but my lab work does.

Deep down, I always knew. Now to deal with it…it’s not going to be easy, and it’s going to take a lot of pep talking and mind controlling on my part. But I want to be healthy. I need to be healthy. And the only way to get there is to figure out what’s wrong!

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