S’More Reading

The only real difference to this list is that it’s going to be “S’more Reading” (as in I’ve already got a ton to do already for classes, but hey why don’t I add on some more, personal reading? Sounds like fun to me!). I figured that sounded close enough to the original to be kinda funny. Since I didn’t read them when I wanted to.

I’ll be reading them in no specific order. I am however grouping them by topic and author. I figure it’s not a bad idea to start getting my brain used to lots of reading, in different directions, and especially with “exercises”. So I’ve got a nice stack of books ready to go! And what a better way to share, but in a Thursday Thirteen post, too (though this is the only way you’ll know, LOL!) I’ll be back to edit it as well! If you’d like to read along, just click on the name of the book 🙂 (I’m not getting anything from it, it’s just to show you what the book looks like!)

So, here you go:


Stormie Omartian:

1. The Power of a Praying Woman

2. The Power of a Praying Wife

3. The Power of a Praying Parent

4. Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On

Cynthia Heald:

5. Becoming a Woman of Faith

6. Becoming a Woman of Purpose

Joyce Meyer

7. The Confident Woman

8. Look Great Feel Great

Debbie Macomber

9. Knit Together

I’ve got several other Debbie Macomber books, but they are her fiction ones. Since I plan to ALSO be reading fiction along with all these, I’m not going to include them here. I didn’t mention that? What, you don’t think I can do it? Just you wait and see. I’m also working on reading the bible (as I joined a Read the Bible in 90 Days bible study group at church).

10. Faithfully Fit – Claire Cloninger and Laura Barr

Flylady (since her movement, she’s a subject on to her own. Plus she’s a real person, so she fits under the author sectioning):

11. Both Sink Reflections and Body Clutter


12. The Meaning of Wife – Anne Kingston

13. The Second Sex – Simone DeBeauvoir (NOT in the original French)


The Mommy Diaries – Tally Flint, Ed.



  1. Good luck with the moving – and all that related stuff – and good that you have your diagnosis. Now you have a course to follow to get healthier. And yes -read.

  2. I discovered Joyce Meyer early one morning when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    My husband who is born again loves to watch her, as do I.
    Have a wonderous weekend,.

    • I plan on working on this list still. Unfortunately, the only book I’ve even begun to read is Just Enough Light—it sat at the bottom of my purse for ages, then on my one set of shelves, and now it’s got a nearly permanent place in that classic reading room—the bathroom! 😐 But I’m getting through it slowly. I also acquired another Joyce Meyer book, which currently resides in my purse, along with a book on adolescent girls and current culture. I can’t find the book one of my English professors wrote on the road I live on, I misplaced it 😦

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