Thursday Thirteen a day early—follow up!

To participate with your own Thursday Thirteen, go to the hub! 🙂

1. Pick up and collect garbage, put new bag in kitchen garbage can. mostly done

2. Eat something. – done

3. Take vitamins – never took them yesterday, though I took the bp meds, but I’ll go do them for today now! 😀 – done

4. Pick up things on floor – done, so I could put him to bed last night!

5. Vacuum – gotta hurry up and do this before someone makes another mess! – done. Now he’s making said mess.

6. Pick up clothes – bathroom, bedroom, and anything in between (because, sadly, there are some in between!) – done

7. Dishes – Pretty much done, other than last night’s dinner dishes and a couple other things. 🙂

8. Make dinner – Italian Sausage with some rice thing somehow. Don’t know the whole deal yet. – Based it on a recipe I found, but it wasn’t quite the same. The bulk of it was just things from other things I’ve done, off the top of my head. It was good. Usually, when I make things from “scratch” like that, they turn out really good. How does that happen?

9. Clean bathtub, floor and counter in bathroom.

10. Make laundry soap – homemade. It’s the only kind I use anymore! Gotta get some soap to use. Had to discuss this with T first.

11. Get to bed by 11, so that I can get up at 7 to bring my dad to yet another doctor’s appointment! – ha ha, yeah right. Got up at 7 am, though I went to bed about 12:30. Thank goodness I went to sleep right away (but we won’t mention the fact that I got up at 6 because D’s friend called her, and I had to deal with D, who insisted upon walking to said friend’s house before school).

12. Sort and wash clothes – Sorted, just have to transfer when things are done, etc 🙂

13. Get blood work (for GYN) taken – that’s one thing 11 is going to help…uh, I guess this is for tomorrow then.



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