Nothing wrong with being EARLY—Thursday Thirteen – more things to do! 6/18/09

So, there are literally dozens of things I could be doing instead of sitting here, posting about what I have to do and playing Restaurant City on Facebook in the background. I can’t even use the excuse that I was busy in the morning, and now I’m drained because, really, I’m not…and part of being busy was going to my dad’s, where I did his dishes, swept the kitchen, and vacuumed the carpet (those last 2 were all on my own, he didn’t even ask! He asked I do the dishes though!). I’ve got to go back soon and do even MORE work, because without mom there the place isn’t totally up to par. Also, I want to go up and help the girl upstairs, who just had a baby.

Well, here’s the list I hope to accomplish by the end of tomorrow. It should be possible. Don’t laugh at me—when you’re actually feeling in top form, just about anything is possible. Chiropractors are a BLESSING!!!!!

So, here in order of do-ability (what will come first, etc), is my list for the next 24 hours or so. I’ll take a break from my apartment at some point, and offer my hands upstairs.

1. Pick up and collect garbage, put new bag in kitchen garbage can. mostly done

2. Eat something. – done

3. Take vitamins – I was out the door so fast this morning that I didn’t even have my blood pressure meds!

4. Pick up things on floor – mostly little guy’s toys, so I can do #5.

5. Vacuum – dang boy but does it need it!

6. Pick up clothes – bathroom, bedroom, and anything in between (because, sadly, there are some in between!) – done

7. Dishes – No reason I shouldn’t do ours when I already did dad’s.

8. Make dinner – Italian Sausage with some rice thing somehow. Don’t know the whole deal yet. – figured it out, just got to wash the pan and make it. Here’s the recipe!

9. Clean bathtub, floor and counter in bathroom.

10. Make laundry soaphomemade. It’s the only kind I use anymore!

11. Get to bed by 11, so that I can get up at 7 to bring my dad to yet another doctor’s appointment!

12. Sort and wash clothes – the hard part is done. I just have to go in there and do the rest of the work! 😀

13. Get blood work (for GYN) taken – that’s one thing 11 is going to help!


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