Wait, wait, I’m still here!

Yes, I’m still here! I know, I haven’t said a thing since Wednesday, but I still feel pretty good (with a bit of digestive upset still here and there.). I’m thinking that the vitamins are helping out a WHOLE LOT too! I’ve felt MUCH better since that chiropractic appointment, and I don’t foresee it ending soon. I even felt GREAT when I went for a walk…and even towards the end I still felt very energetic! That’s just awesome. Plus, I’ve seen some difference in my eating habits…not going back to have more as often as I used to. I could be fooling myself with that though!

Today’s going to be busy. I think I may have had my only real time of sitting down and doing little work (my crafts are almost never work!) already. I don’t feel as if I’ve thrown the rest of the day away just because I sat it out the first hour or so after I got up. I’ve got a bit of a list to take care of. Good thing that the clothes that need to be taken care of at least just need to be folded, I’ve been really good on washing clothes lately. Then digging through the resulting tubs of clothes. My hubby and kid went to the bank, so I have some time alone to start on this stuff. Here’s my list:

Take vitamins and eat a banana
Pick up the floor
Pick up/gather garbage
De-clog the vacuum cleaner
Fold clothes

Looks good. That’s the majority of it, and it should all get things pretty well taken care of! 😀 Then maybe I’ll be moving on to my dad’s house to work some there.

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