Update of the day #1

I’ve been pretty busy so far today. It feels good looking around the house and seeing the difference I’ve made 😀 Here’s an update to the list from my prior post:

Take vitamins and eat a banana – didn’t eat the banana with it (instead, my lunch…yeah, no breakfast today, sometimes that happens 😐 ), but I took them!
Pick up the floor – done
Pick up/gather garbage – done
De-clog the vacuum cleaner – done (too easy, the dh could have done it! :-P)
Vacuum – done
Dishes – a sink-full so far
Fold clothes – 1 basket down, 2 tubs to go (one’s on the futon)

There were other things I’ve done, that I had at the back of my mind but didn’t bring them up while I was sitting her making my list. Here’s that list:

Went upstairs and got the booster seat for P b/c he turns 4 tomorrow (dh didn’t know what he was looking for, I did…even found the seat cover for it!)
Organized things up there some, as was needed
Brought empty boxes upstairs (as per my Clean Sweep addiction when they had that tv show on, on TLC, I know it’s bad to keep empty boxes—but in my defense it’s so when we move—AND WE WILL—I don’t have to make up new ones. Also, I put things I’m collecting for donation in them)
Sorted out the disorganization of my books in the living room – okay, they’re not alphabetized or anything, but they don’t look haphazard like they used to!
Sorted desk
Cleared off futon

So, my house is looking really nice now 😀 I’m a happy lady. I even tried to take a break, but it only lasted as long as it took me to eat my lunch. Now I’m going to go back in and fold more clothes. I changed out of what I wore yesterday, which I wore to bed and hadn’t changed yet (I must sound like a real slob), and I’m going to put on my apron when I go to do anymore dishes. I don’t like my belly getting wet!

Have a nice day! 😀


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