Wow what a day!

My health saga may be coming to an end, or at least get to the point where I receive some relief.

If you’ve been around much in the last year and a couple months, you know that I’ve been having pains off and on, plus just not really feeling like myself lately. I’m wondering if I have several things—because of certain physical characteristics, some of them involving reproductive issues (not fertility, though what do I know since I’m not trying to have anymore kids?), and because of some of the pains I’ve been having, plus one thing I wonder if I have, my sister (who is definitely having fertility issues because they ARE trying) has recently been diagnosed with.

As such, I talked to my primary care physician about how I was feeling, that I wanted to get better, and so started tests and such. All of them came back fine. A good thing, but instead of saying, “well, then, let’s attack what we can” (I don’t know, maybe work together to figure out how to lose weight, or something…I’m not sure that doc’s all he thinks he is), he told me (I probably mentioned this before, but my parents went to him at one point too) “it’s just how you are. Your parents were big so you’re big.” That, to me, is as bad as saying “it’s all your fault.” Everyone’s response to his comment sorta makes me want to laugh—it’s like “ooookaaaay…”.

Well, I’m not going to stand for that. I’m going to look for someone I feel comfortable with talking about my problems, and someone I think can help me take care of them. I asked two ladies I trust at MOPS who they go to (they’re good friends, their dads were best friends), and they told me about a lady at the office of another doc that I know of. Funny, but he’s the one who checked us out for scroliosis (you know, that back thing where people’s backs are curved. Sorry for the botching of the spelling) if the teacher was concerned. I always had to go see him, but I always checked out for him. It makes me want to laugh…because I walked by his doctor’s office every day when I had my paper route, since he’s got an office in the town my parents’ house is. 😀

Well, as part of this taking charge of my health, I decided I’d also look into a chiropractor. When I had P, at my 6 week appointment the nurse practitioner at the OB said that my hips looked off, I mentioned some pain I had when walking to her, and she suggested a chiropractor. I mentioned it to the GP at my next annual, which was just about a month after, and he poo-pooed it.

I should have listened to my brain, which actually agreed with her, that I should go to the chiropractor. Maybe I wouldn’t have had all these problems.

I had my first appointment today. I felt so much better! Heck, I feel longer! He said my hip IS (maybe now was) out of place! Dude, that’s nearly 4 YEARS! Plus, my back (I think) was one of the few good pops I heard. And some manipulation he did with my head and neck at the end. wow. When I was talking to the pastor at MOPS yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to this particular chiropractor, and one of the moms said she goes to him and loves him. I see why! I also see why my mother in law mentioned she was a bit uncomfortable with some chiropractors, LOL! Really, this guy “felt me up” (in the good, make my body more in line way, not the icky, only my husband can way….which is another issue I’m just not going to point out about how I feel, more than this)! But it’s an intense physical thing…I mean, they can’t manipulate your spine and other body parts back into place without a great deal of physical contact!

I have another appointment next Wednesday. I’m definitely looking forward to it! It’s sort of a follow up, to see if this has taken or what have you. If nothing else, at least hopefully the tree has been rustled and the rest of the apples will fall! 😀 It will be nice! I almost don’t want to go to bed, I don’t want to screw it up! LOL! I guess the only way to screw my hip back up would be not to walk and/or move, and have another kid in the next week. While it would fall in this time, 13 and 4 years back…no need to worry!


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