Sunday, finally….the end of May!

Which means I’m now 33. Yay? LOL! I’m actually pretty happy about it 🙂

My birthday was my first good day in about a week. I’ve had some off days a lot lately. The saddest was probably the day I had my follow up to the last round of tests. My doc (soon to be former doc) said “It’s just your genes. Your parents were big so you’re big.” What bunch of whoee! Well, I’m going to look into a new doc (I’ve already talked to a couple ladies, one of which I know has had something I’m wondering if I’m having—gallbladder problems. Yeah, I know I talk about a lot of different things, but who is to say that I’m wrong?), plus a chiropractor! I already know who I’m going to call!

Then I ended up in the er again yesterday. I had pains I KNOW have been associated with gall bladder problems—I’ve talked to several other ladies who had the EXACT SAME pain…for about the same duration…so I know it HAS to be this. Of course, if I look it up…this is one time that it’s like FORGET IT. So few things apply…most of my pain of the last few months has been on my left side….

I know that something is wrong. What it is, I don’t know…I’m not the medical professional, I’m just going by what I find…but I know my body, and I KNOW something is off. I’m not feeling like ME much anymore 😦


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