Happy Memorial Day!

First, I’d like to thank all the veterans out there who served out country—you certainly got further than we did. 😐 Hubs and I met and married in the Army and were out shortly after. And I’m often stopping today and reflecting on those who have passed in their service for our country. My dad was in the Navy, we’re going to go over to the house later today.

Next, this weekend was my daughter’s turn for drama. Early teenage girls think they are the originators of drama, and seem to do just about anything to drum it up if they don’t have the proper guidance in their lives. Or any real guidance. D’s friend got ahold of her Myspace page (D had foolishly given her the password. 😐 ), and done some damage. Not a lot, but it was rather obvious who it was that did it. And why… a boy. Again. She did the same thing last year, without all the computer stuff.

We went to see Star Trek last night, for T’s birthday. Zach Quinto (the guy who plays Sylar on Heroes) was a much better fit for Spock than I had originally thought. Seems there are a lot of ladies (at least on imdb) who like him too!


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