On with the drama…

My daughter could probably refer to me as a real drama queen today.

I had my second follow up appointment for whatever is wrong with me, for my next set of blood work.

I was told, basically, they don’t know what’s wrong with me, it’s all “how I’m made,” and “it’s all genetics.”

Which I think is bunk, because I know something is wrong with me. How it all started, how things exist now, it just can’t be how I’m supposed to be.

So I’m going to look into going to a chiropractor. And I made sure that my GP’s office sent the test results to my GYN’s office. Also, I’m going to look into a second opinion and/or a different doctor for my GP. It might be hard, because T goes to the same one, but that’s my decision. I’m taking control of my health, so I can live a nice long life. Wish me luck

Frankly after being told, basically, it’s all me….I just wanted to find a place to cry. No such luck. So I was…testy to say the least. My daughter took hold of this…and I didn’t get much sympathy from her. Not in a real bad way, but it didn’t help me feel good either. It’s not that I don’t think I’m partly culpable in my weight problems, but it can’t be all me either.

But you know, the house is quiet, D is off to a Girl Scout thing, and the little guy’s in bed plus T’s at work. So I think this is my time to cry.

Perhaps the only good thing to have come out of the appointment is that he’s changing my bp meds. To something that’s twice a day with a water pill in it. They had done so great at first, but after a while not so much. I think that’s part of why I didn’t do so well in taking them. Plus, either I’m bloating because something’s coming along, or I’m retaining water again. I don’t want to keep up with the bp meds, though. Which is why I’m going to look into the chiropractor. Plus, I was talking to a former classmate on Facebook, and she said it’s really helped her with a lot of stuff.

On that note…off to be by myself for a bit. Or just go to bed.

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