Today is….


First, to the bloghoppers showin’ up, hey hey! If you don’t want to hear the dull hell today has been, I’d suggest you leave now…


First, I have a tired 4 year old (his birthday’s in less than a month and believe me 4 years ago now I was wishin’ he was out, so…) on my hands…unfortunately bedtime has slipped closer and closer to midnight these last few nights, so the poor thing is worn out. Tonight I hope to get him to bed shortly after daddy leaves at 8pm.

Then, today I decided to venture into the world of getting groceries for more than a couple days that consisted of more than just pasta (for the spaghetti sauce hubby brings home from work, which we get for free). With MUCH less than even my mom was able to collect for 1 week—her budget was like $150 for 4 people for one week. Back when prices were lower. I’m lucky if I can make sure to have $50 together at the end of the week…it doesn’t help when I get a little here and there, but this time I was trying to avoid that. Doesn’t work out well. You can see how that can be stressful.

Now we’re having a late lunch. I’m trying to lessen the disorder currently in my mind. In an effort to do that, I’m going to try to bring some order to the house. Here’s my list:

Pick up clothes strewn about the house (it’s not as bad as it sounds. They’re in piles in appropriate places. In different rooms of the house.)
Pick up toys on living room floor
Vac living room
Wash some dishes
Put towels away
Reboot washer and dryer

That should help things feel a bit more “normal” around here. I’d even let the landlord in, right now with how things are. Crazy indeed.

P.S. The camera’s been found. Wonder where that was?

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