Doncha just love updates?

What I managed to do of my list:

Pick up clothes strewn about the house – collected
Pick up toys on living room floor – done (for bedtime)
Vac living room – nope, maybe tomorrow after we come back from my mom’s
Wash some dishes – did some, yay!
Put towels away – before I go to bed, I promise.
Reboot washer and dryer – done, yay!

Also, just put the cake for my mom’s roommate’s church chicken dinner in the fridge to cool overnight. A pineapple upside down cake. Because the pieces are gonna be kinda small, my mom suggested I use a bigger baking dish and tidbits instead of the rings, or even chunks. It turns out I only had less than half a cup of brown sugar—but that’s okay, because I’m not a fan of how much sugar my mom wanted put on when I make the cake (1 cup—yipes!), it gets to soggy on top and won’t sit for more than just the day it’s made. I think it should achieve the same effect, just with less sweetness, and it will stay longer, which is good because this thing isn’t going to the church until almost noon tomorrow.

But yesterday was a later night for me than it was for P, thanks to impromptu Blog Hopping, so I’m going to bed very shortly myself. All I really have to do is heat up my rice bag. I finally fished that off the floor at about 2am, and went to sleep really fast.

I ❤ listening to things on tv about Colorado and Wyoming. When do we get to go back? And do we have to spend the whole time in the house next to his grandma? I’m even nostalgic for the air force bases out there (because the narrator guy talked about one. I’m only half listening and left it there because half of the case [it’s Forensic Files] is based in Colorado).

Okay, head hurts, back hurts, wishing I had a different, smaller body, and things have started assaulting my mind that have me feeling uneasy. I think with little sleep and later at night, I get paranoid. Or something.

Good night, before I hurt myself (accidentally….I’d never do anything on purpose. Again…oh, long story, and this could start it all…).


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