Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen more things I’ve been doing instead of getting on here.

Yup, I’ve still been busy. I’ve felt somewhat better than I have in a while, so this place is starting to look somewhat better than it has. Yet the landlord hasn’t decided to come back again. Why does he always pick a time when I feel like crud?

Anyhow, in no particular order, here are the things I’ve been doing. Whether or not they appeared on last week’s list (and many did.). If you’d like to join in the Thursday 13 fun, go to the hub 🙂

1. Picking up things off the floor. I had started to just let things stay where they were. I’ve been picking them up. Small things of garbage. I don’t like that, but when I don’t feel up to it… I don’t feel up to it.

2. Working on potty training. It’s not perfect, he’s not able to be trusted with underwear on all the time yet, but he’ll get there. I mean, he can’t be in his teens and still be wearing diapers, right?

3. Cleared off the futon. Oh, this was a big one.

4. Folded lots of clothes. Including today. The only things that aren’t folded yet are in the washroom! 😀

5. Worked more on that gigantic blanket, made like an Idiot Dishcloth. Main, when I say it’s gigantic—-I mean it’s GIGANTIC.

6. Kept the bathroom floor (fairly) picked up.

7. Finished 2 library books. Knitting Bones and Thai Die by Monica Ferris. Good stuff.

8. Learned a new knitting pattern. The one from Knitting Bones.

9. Checked my email and Facebook every day. I’ve always been pretty good at that.

10. Ran around the college to get things taken care of with my contract for coursework. Can’t wait until I can register for my classes.

11. Taken care of things for getting P into some kind of child care/school situation for when I’m in school. The orientation was this evening, I’ve got forms out the wazzo to fill out…

12. Washed dishes. Nearly done too!

13. Washed lots of clothes. Gotta do that before they get folded! 😛

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