It’s finally here…

Tomorrow (or, rather, later today) is the big day. I’m going in to the doctor for the follow up on the ultrasound on my ovaries. And I’m coming in armed with some information, as I mentioned before on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s something my sister has recently been diagnosed with, and that I have actually wondered for quite some time if I had—and even mentioned so to my GYN 10 YEARS AGO. But I was told that, because a certain testosterone wasn’t “high enough” when I was tested, that I didn’t have it.

Here are the sites I took information from: (On a separate sheet, I paired these symptoms with information as it pertains to me—as best as I can remember that something related to that happened, such as gaining all the weight in 1996/1997 and not being able to lose more than 40-50 pounds before it stalled and started coming back)

And my favorite, which I got by going at the search from a different angle (the no periods/very little periods one):

Wish me luck.


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