Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen things I did today instead of getting on the computer.

Wow, today was Good Day #2. I was happy when, part way through the morning, I realized I was in a good enough head space to get up and actually DO something! As such, I didn’t get on the computer until just about 15 minutes ago! Not getting on the computer was also helped by the fact that my husband fell asleep in front of it and stayed here all morning. So, to bore you further, in no particular order, here are 13 of the things (that I can remember) that I did instead of getting on the computer today 🙂 If you’d like to, join in the fun…Go to the hub. 🙂

1. Decided it was the day my kid is going to start wearing big boy underwear to further facilitate his potty training. As such, I had him going to the bathroom every time I thought about it. And I got away with accidentally leaving the diaper bag here next to the door, packed appropriately just in case he messed his pants. Because he didn’t! Several of the places we went, he went potty at, too! 🙂

2. Made breakfast. Okay, most days I manage to do this, but it’s something I did.

3. Swept the kitchen floor.

4. Cleared off the kitchen table. Wow, that felt SO GOOD to do. It was starting to irritate me!

5. Cleaned 1/2 of the stove top.

6. Picked up the rejected clothes from the bunch we got from a lady on Freecycle this weekend, for D. She just sorta left them in a pile here in front of the computer.

7. Switched clothes from the washer to the dryer and filled up the washer again.

8. Picked up stray clothes around the house (at various times).

9. Worked on the book I’m currently reading (at various times). For those who need to know— Sins and Needles by Monica Ferris.

10. Worked on my large knitted blanket (sure, I work on my knitting/crocheting any time I can and it’s how you can tell I REALLY don’t feel well—but it’s one of the things!).

11. Went to the bank with T. Yes, after he woke up.

12. Agreed to make, and actually made and delivered, french toast for my mom.

13. Sat on the porch and watched P while he waited and watched for semis to get them to honk at him.

I wanted to get to the church or downtown for the National Day of Prayer, but there were other things involved, including T going to help a friend figure out a computer and having to pick up my daughter from her friend’s house. I’m not crazy about this independence she’s (as my husband pointed out) demanding (she just walked in here with a request in that vein, too.). When did my little baby grow up??? Boo hoo!

Is it really only 10:30??

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