Tomorrow is the big day…

Tomorrow I get my ovaries looked at. I’m hoping for some nice little cysts on my ovaries. A nice collection on at least one would be nice. I feel cruddy enough for it. 😦

I’ve been SO friggin’ tired these last few days. Some I’ve felt a little woozy, but not as much as I’ve felt tired. Today was better than the other days, I went to bed about 11:30 or so. It’s just after 11:30, and after I get off here, I’m going to go to bed!

I’ve sorta started feeling a bit unsure about going back to college. But once I sat and thought about it and did a bit of googling on what one can do with a Criminal Justice degree, I feel better. Legal assistant it is. Or perhaps one day a Law librarian. We’ll see…either way, I’m still with it. With Legal Studies as my #2, but I don’t have anything after that. I hope this goes through. I hope I can handle it. I think we’re going to have a bit of change this year. I hope so. I hope some of it is moving out of here and maybe into our own home. At least out of here though.

G’night. 😀

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