Thursday Thirteen – What I’ve been doing while I’ve been away 4/30/2009

So, it’s been a few days since I popped my head up on here and talked about what I’m doing or not doing or feeling or what have you. So I’ll give you a glimpse of what I HAVE been doing 😀 Check out others at Thursday Thirteen‘s new hub (when does it stop being the “new” hub, and become THE hub?).

1. Housework – I’ve gotten a few things done around here. Sure, it’s not as good as I want it to be, but it’s not as bad as it’s been before either. 😀 Most of the dishes are (finally) done, clothes just really need to be folded, and it would be great to vacuum the floor. But I’m feeling better about this place. I think that’s also involved in the “looking at life different” phase I’m in.

2. Blood work – I made sure to stop by the outpatient services at our local hospital and get my blood drawn so that it is available before my follow up for the ultrasound on my ovaries. I’ve also already got a notification from the doctor’s office about my cholesterol and triglycerides (I guess it’s routine). They’re all within the normal range, nothing too bad there. It never is. It always surprises me, though, that my blood work doesn’t come back worse than it does. I think I’m starting off with the blood pressure for this syndrome I might have, whereas my sister started off with the diabetes….and the migraines….and the kidney problems.

3. Researched PCOS – Because my sister has it, and I exhibit so many of the symptoms it’s not funny. The most obvious one when you first see me—besides the severe weight gain—is the facial hair. And I guess you’re not supposed to have hair on your toes either. Hmm. I’m just used to it.

4. Paying bills – Big deal, money in, money out. But at least we don’t have to worry if (God forbid), T gets in another accident. Or I do.

5. Thinking I’ve got more items to fill this list than I do – Yeah, but I haven’t gotten to the good one yet ;-D

6. Walked 2 of 3 of the last 7 days – Yup, I got up off my duff more! 😀

7. Read a book – I’ve not finished yet, but I’m currently working on The ESP Enigma. Good book.

8. Drank coffee nearly every day – Yeah, I know it’s probably bad for me, but I like it!!! 😛

9. Knitted a blanket – Not finished with this either, but I’m taking the Idiot Dishcloth that I’ve used so many times, and expanding on it. I’m sure I’m not the only one 😀 I’m using all of the extra yarn left over from other projects.

10. Started a recycling yarn project – some sleeves from an old sweater of D’s that my grandma made for D. I hope she doesn’t mind—and if she does, what did she really expect me to do with it? It’s going to be fun knitting up these sleeves as sorta fingerless gloves for her.

11. Cleaned the wall on the front porch – oh, don’t get me started about kids and chalk around here. Mostly not even my kids 😐

12. Got back into the swing of things some – in a group for Flylady in this area. Bout time.

13. Decided to go to college – for Criminal Justice. It’s a fairly recession proof field, it’s interesting, and it’s either go to college or get a job. When I posed the choice to T, he said he’d rather I go back to college. So I thought about it, and figured that I liked my law class, and I like some of the jobs in the Criminal Justice field, so I’ll go with that, with the hopes of doing something still in the lines of librarian-ish stuff, which makes Legal Studies my second choice (or a minor, or CJ is the minor with LS, or who knows?). And who knows, maybe if I’m so inclined, I’ll go into the paralegal field. That sounds nice too. I mean, people are always getting arrested 😀 In case I need to, I’ll come up with a list of ideas for majors that are backups to the backups. 😐


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