Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen reasons why I look forward to buying our own home

With having to deal with the landlord more often recently, I’ve found myself again looking at one surefire way to calm myself down when it comes to housing alternatives—I turn to Google and check for local real estate listings. I’ve, as always, got my eyes on a few places (one of which is still my best guy friend’s parents/childhood home! It actually ISN’T sold yet!). As such, I’m contemplating all the reasons I can’t wait to get out of here! So, in no particular order, here you go!

1. I won’t have to listen to noises (of all kinds, at least right now they are fairly benign!) from people living in the apartment upstairs. I plan on us getting a one family home!

2. $465 of my budget will actually go to US OWNING something, instead of just being given to a real loser. This despite the fact that I understand owning a home is actually a liability and not an asset. And I guess you could call some of the mortgage lending alternatives real losers too.

3. I won’t have to look at For Sale signs in front of houses around this town, thinking wishfully.

4. I will be “sleeping with the landlord”. That’s how my mom put it when they bought their house. It doesn’t sound appealing when applying that thought to our present landlord.

5. Because I’ll be sleeping with the landlord, I won’t have to wait (quite so long) for certain things to get done around my home. Ahem.

6. I’ll be able to have a yard and a porch that are MINE and I can rightfully yell at children who are not my own to GET THE HECK OFF AND STOP PLAYING OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!!!

7. I’ll be able to have a backyard where my kids can play, and I won’t have to (again) worry about other children coming in there (unless I let them) or about cars coming in and out of the yard.

8. The yard will have grass the kids can play on (not asphalt!).

9. It won’t be here.

10. The house WILL have more rooms than we do in this apartment!

11. I’ll be able to paint the walls ANY COLOR I WANT!!!!!

12. I’ll be able to put all the holes in the wall I want (or, alternatively, I’ll be able to put anything I want up on the walls. Within reason, of course.).

13. I’ll be able to have a dishwasher that I KNOW will work!

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  1. I’m a homeowner and everything you said above rings true except for the ‘landlord fixing things in a more timely manner’ part. 🙂 I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one, dear! 🙂

    Happy TT

  2. Owning a home is only a liability if 1) you take out a mortgage too big for you to handle. 2) you move too soon after the purchase or 3) you buy in a balloon market then try to sell in the bust. Otherwise it’s all pluses.

  3. I bought my home 15 years ago after living in an apartment….it’s the BEST thing I ever did!

    I hope it happens for you VERY SOON!!!

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