List’s second update

Work room by room:
– dishes
– sort out food in fridge, discarding what needs to be
– sort food in cupboards, discarding what needs to be
– wipe down inside of fridge
– sweep floor
– mop floor
– pick up floor
– clear off surfaces/sort items on surfaces/rearrange surfaces
– sweep floor (scrub again?)
Computer room
– pick up floor – some (this will all come in pieces)
– clear futon
– fold clothes in baskets/pile
– figure out bag of yarn, what to use for what
– organize desk – some (a good start, at least!)
– organize/understand things at bottom of stairs
– sort paperwork
Living room
– pick up floor
– treat stains on rug
– sort stand next to tv (my books, P’s books)
– sort P’s toys?
– vacuum
Our Bedroom
– pick up floor – done, hopefully this can be kept up!
– dress beds – done
– put away winter-ish clothes
– sort closet
– sweep floor (mop?)
– sweep floor
– mop floor
– sort/organize closet (make room for tires)
– sort/organize on top of freezer
– sort/organize washing area – some
– clean up around dryer – some
– sort/organize shelves
– make more laundry soap
– sort “tool” boxes
– move tires (into washroom)
– sort/organize shoes/boots
– sort/organize/collect toys under desk
– organize coat area
– sort/organize desk

Phone calls to make (on Monday):
CHRIC (about getting out of here) – done (waiting for a call back)
real estate agent (about getting out of here) – not sure when I’ll do this, but would it hurt to call?
school (about registering the little guy) – done, just waiting for the packet to arrive in the mail (gonna be a few days, LOL!)

I felt so much better when I first sat down to look this over. Not so great now. But every little bit counts! Can’t wait until I feel better in general 😐


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