Here’s my list.

Pick up:

Work room by room:
Kitchen (with doing dishes)
Bathroom (floor, surfaces, put away towels)

Phone calls to make (on Monday):
CHRIC (about getting out of here)
real estate agent (about getting out of here)
school (about registering the little guy)

Wash dishes
Wash clothes
Fold clothes

Get sleep

I CAN pull myself up by my boot straps and get on with things. I can make this place look and feel better. I’ve got to do a lot of praying.

What I also want to do is figure out why it is that my neighbors—specifically the ones in the trailer just behind us and the mother of the mother in that house—can affect me so harshly. I mean, I know I’m not perfect, that I’m not the greatest mother, daughter, sister, wife or person in the world. But where do they get off? Where does the grandmother get off sneering at US??? Acting like WE should be scared of HER??? I am, because she’s just EVIL, but still!

Sometime later….

So, after running from this place almost as if my hair was on fire, so I didn’t have to listen to those kids playing outside, and then bringing D to Girl Scouts, I ended up talking to her troop leader, who also has to deal with this particular family.

And who, it seems, has known them much much longer than I have. Remembers us from way back when. I wonder if I ever met her husband? He died when her daughter was younger. Like, 3. From cancer.

Anyhow, I’m not the only person who is worried and thinks things have changed since the grandmother moved in here and became MUCH more involved in their lives.

All that was on Friday…

I could explain the sermon, in my own disjointed way, at church today, but I think it would confuse the issue. So I’ll just say this…the individuals I considered and prayed for were this family. Several times I’ve wondered if maybe that’s not the reason we’re sticking around (other than my laziness). To help this family. But the devil has put a large barrier in my way. The grandmother. Until I don’t have that barrier, all I can do is pray.

I’m going to bed soon, as I’m still rather fuzzy and feel very tired, and need all the energy I can muster tomorrow to start my spring cleaning, because that’s what I have to do now.

Until then, good night. I’ll post any updates, plus the memes I started over the weekend for this weekend. Gotta get back to writing too….*sigh*…



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