My midweek…P.S., it’s tax day!

So, I went to the doctor today, like I know I mentioned last week I would be doing.

I had to sit for what must have been 45 minutes before he came into the room. Really, what’s WITH that??? But I think a good thing is that, even though he came in just as I was starting to wonder if he remembered I was there, my blood pressure (for him) was just fine. I don’t like it when you get whisked into a room, they take your bp and pronounce it “too high” or elevated, and then medicate you on that. Although, I do have to point out it’s only ever been slightly elevated, and the top number was worse than the bottom number. Is that bad?

Anyhow, yeah, I sat there in that nearly napkin-like robe for the majority of an hour before my doc flew in, took my blood pressure, then asked if I had anything I wanted to discuss before listening to my heart and lungs. He heard nothing he was worried about (or at least mentioned that he was worried about), then let me explain to him about the back pain, and the timing of it and frequency. Also, I mentioned to him that I do want to start losing weight again, but I can’t afford it and since I figure I’ll need a doctor’s “prescription” for it, I’ll need him to help me with that.

Well, he took this all in and told me we’d get the usual EKG (which is done right there in the office. Took all of a minute), the usual blood work, then I’d get an ultrasound to rule out any ovarian cysts as the problem for the pain (since it DOES get worse around my period), then a look up the pipes if the ovaries are ruled out.

I have to say, I do feel taken quite a bit more seriously by the doc, even though he probably spent a bit less time with me than at least the second Physician’s Assistant did, but I’ve got a REAL relationship here—heck, he doesn’t just know me, he knows my parents too, because they went to him before I did (though for several different reasons, neither one is going to him now. Long stories).

On to other things.

Did you file your taxes? Well, I guess it’s too late to really be asking that. Because if you haven’t filed your taxes by now, you are in BIG trouble. Especially if you OWE! My parents owe. But we don’t. We filed way back at the beginning of February—I think I mentioned that, considering we were waylaid by illnesses and febrile seizures and such before the ACTUAL appointment. And while we didn’t get nearly as much as we did last year, at least we got something. Including the refund of all our fees, since I did it as a job of sorts.

What I’m yearning to do right now. Or in the very near future.

Write. I NEED to write. Things need to GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

But, first, I need to get to bed a whole lot earlier. And tonight’s just not one night I will be. *sigh*

Good night y’all 😀


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