Don’t worry…

I’m still around. And, all in all, feeling pretty good! I actually managed to get quite a bit of cleaning done around here over the last 48 hours or so. I heard that the landlord was coming to town, and I told the resident manager of the ceiling (we’ve got a new one, yet again. I’m a bit [understatement of the year] surprised at who it is, but that’s neither here nor there. You have to work with what you are presented with). I figured, I’d get the place cleaned up some so that if I need the drag the landlord in to show him the ceiling, I wouldn’t feel as if it was possible that he’d kick us out on the spot. No need to worry, they mentioned it to him and he said he’d get someone in to take care of it, which I found out when I dragged the boyfriend/fiance of the lady who is now the resident manager to show him the ceiling instead (since the landlord was already gone). T proceeded to tell him about all the problems we had, with some of my input/corrections, even things we would have “hid” from the landlord (but fixed ourselves). Including about the bathtub—we’ve got tiles falling down, the ones just on the edge where the wall meets the tub, and T is going to replace those tiles then put new walls on them, on top of the tiles. I was a bit surprised when he pointed out this particular plan to me, on a day when I just wanted to go out and drive so we ended up over at Grossman’s Bargain Outlet, where he looked at the kit he got to put in there. Then we went back that Friday (which was actually last Friday), and he picked up the kit. Then some “glue” later on in the weekend, and he’ll be doing all this Easter weekend since he’ll have off for Good Friday and then that Saturday as well!

And now the day is almost done, and I’m EXHAUSTED. At one point while I was out doing errands (a bit later than I really wanted, but oh well), I had to rub away the tired! 😐 But I’m all better now.

I promise I’ll check in more! 🙂 Until later!


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