Has finally come.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted AT ALL this week. I’ve just not hit publish on any of the few posts I’ve written. I haven’t even been in a funk. I’ve just been uninterested in posting. In fact, I have felt pretty good. Not good enough to completely clean, yet, but still pretty good.

My stomach is grumbling. I wish I could go out and get something to eat. I’m hungry. I had dinner, like usual, I had a small piece of chocolate, but I don’t have anything else in the house other than apples (which I’ve also had one of) and bananas, and a few odds and ends plus some oatmeal. I’ll probably end up having that. 😐

So, anyhow, what, you may ask, have I been doing while I’ve been offline? I’ve played Dynomite a lot. So much so that only my name is on the winner’s list.

I’ve been working my way through Kage Baker’s The Company series. Right now I’m on The Machine’s Child, which is 2 away from the last of the books out there in the series. Next to read is Gods and Pawns, and then Sons of Heaven. I had to get TMC and GAP through interlibrary loan, where I had to pay, and The one before TMC was through the Chaut-Catt system. Sons of Heaven is at my local library, and as soon as I’m done with GAP I’m going to go pick it up! (and drop them off, probably all in the same trip, LOL!)

Now, I’m off to have some of that oatmeal. I wish I had something more to eat than that, that wouldn’t send my stomach into hysterics. I feel so delicate with my eating now—and somehow I still seem to be gaining weight!!! Do I REALLY eat that much and move around that little?????

Anyhow, maybe I’ll pick up a little snack tomorrow when I (finally) get the brown sugar for the Pineapple Upside Down Cake for my mom’s roommate, which I have to make. Tomorrow.

Take care. I’ll try to be around more this week!


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