Thursday round up

The last 48 hours has NOT been fun.

I thought I’d do a good thing, and be on my way to getting used to distance walking (since I’m going to be doing the March of Dimes walk again this year…gotta register for that!), by walking to MOPS on Tuesday. I don’t have a water bottle here, but figured I’d drink a bunch of water when I got there and tried to drink a bunch before I left. I figured I’d be able to make this walk since we had walked pretty far when we walked this weekend.

When I got there, I felt a little loopy, though I felt really good while walking (all those endorphins, you know). I got a ride home from a friend, so I didn’t do double damage.

Now I’m wondering. I ended up violently ill night before last and yesterday. I spent most of yesterday evening in bed. I’m still a bit off, but much better, now. There’s a possibility I might actually be able to eat today. I’m going to have some ginger ale and some toast shortly here. Heck, I’m looking around here and thinking “I’ve got to pick some of this stuff up!” Yeah, I’ve done little from my list from last week. Oh well.

But my mom wasn’t feeling well either, to the point where she vomited too. I wonder if it was the “corned beef” from the Home? She and I both had it, but I don’t think P ate much at all of what she gave him. It wasn’t very appetizing. 😐 Amazingly so, the corned beef and cabbage I made tasted GREAT—both ways! Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound so great, I know I’m probably going to make you sick–but, really, it’s the one thing you’d think would taste horrible coming back up. But it didn’t! 🙂

Now I’m upset. I can’t seem to find the notebook that I keep my notes on the Cliftons in. I think I know where it went—and now it’s actually very likely that she did it! Though she says she doesn’t.

So, about my not feeling well. This part is the update to the update.

I think I dehydrated myself again. And this time I went to the hospital because I was just sick of the pain, and the doctor’s office couldn’t take me in until 9am in the morning. The nurse, which is who I talked to at the doctor’s office, said that it’s better, yes, if I got it looked at and taken care of, whatever it is, if it was so bad I could no longer stand it. So I sat in the er for 4 hours, during which time they took blood and I got a CAT scan. My first. Woo hoo @_@. A friend of mine from MOPS took the kids while I was there, even coming back and picking D up after she got home from school.

I feel like a complete fool. I probably did this with my walk to MOPS. 😐 I should have listened to my own head and not gone. Well, I mean not walked. I’ve been planning to do the March of Dimes walk again, and this was part of the “training” to get my distance back up there, but maybe I’m going to have to take a bit longer than a month and a half. I’ll definitely donate, no matter what.

Now I’m only allowed clear fluids until tomorrow morning. I’ve got to go for another blood draw. And I’m starting to feel like eating. But I won’t. Because part of me DOESN’T want to eat. I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love it….the tastes, the smells, the warmth, the coldness…but I hate what it does to me. As in the fact that it makes me fat, and makes me feel bad, and puts on weight, and puts garbage in my arteries. So sometimes I just want to swear off it forever. And then sometimes I want to eat it all. And then…..then I hate myself for it.

The problem, though, with no food, just fluids, is that my hubby and the kids decided to get some chicken. Fried chicken. From WalMart. To which I say…yum. I want some. You know how I solved that problem? I smelled it. I stuck my hand out for one of their pieces, and sniffed it. All the flavor (since half of the taste sense is smell anyhow), none of the fat! 🙂

Did I mention my pattern books came in? Yesterday. Made me really happy. I’ve been itching to put something on my circular needles. I just don’t know what. I don’t have much yarn that makes me excited for that. But I guess I could take out the double pointed, and make some socks.

Oh well, now that I feel better I have to go pick up a kid’s stuff. And put him and myself to bed.

Night all.

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