Monday Monday

I feel a whole lot better today. And I’ll tell you exactly why. Because we went for that walk yesterday. I felt better yesterday too. I’m happy, because we went to the store after we got home, and when I used the blood pressure station, my blood pressure was under the at risk range. It didn’t get above 140/80. My heart rate was a bit high on the first one (because I did it twice), but I don’t know what to think about that. I had just walked in the door 😐 Maybe it was from the walking from the car?

Anyhow, we went to the store so that I could pick up some Corned Beef. I have a hankering for it for dinner tomorrow, being that it’s St. Patrick’s Day and all. And I’m part Irish. No, really I am. I’m a redhead, so that’s your first giveaway. And my grandmother, who btw had red hair too (I say *had* even though she’s still alive because it went gray years ago), her maiden name is Tucker. And it’s not just on my dad’s side—I’m sure there’s SOMEONE on my mom’s side who had to have been (unless the red hair from that side came from Scandinavia) from Ireland too. I’m going to be using this recipe for the corned beef. Hopefully I will be able to throw it in before we leave for MOPS in the morning. Right now I think it’s going to be a bit tight, due to my severe lateness in posting tonight (I’ve not gotten to bed at a decent hour these last few nights 😦 ), and the fact that I want to walk to MOPS in the morning! Good thing it’s a quick to throw together!

I want to walk in part because I felt really energized today—I managed to get some cleaning done, including vacuuming my floor (doctoring to my vacuum for part of that!), dishes, cleaning the kitchen table off (with help from P—you don’t know how bad this was needed. And he likes to clean off the table! It’s hard to manage the cleaning he likes to do, bless his heart and thank God, with his age and his abilities sometimes!) and SCRUBBING DOWN THE BATHTUB/SHOWER! That was REALLY needed, because those Magic Erasers just are NOT enough!!! I can’t stand the layer of soap scum/shed skin cells that accumulate so much I need to LITERALLY scrape them off the sides of the tub! That’s what Comet, gloves and a good scrubby sponge are for!

One more thing before typing out the 100 Word Challenge I wrote in church and going to bed.

We also drove to Jamestown today. OMG, I can’t believe it! Travel AND cleaning in one day—am I sick or something? Anyhow, I had to pick up my grandma’s watch, which I had brought to The Watch Shop for cleaning and some minor repair. I don’t think you would remember it, but this particular watch went through the washer and dryer last year. My heart hit the floor when it came out of the dryer in pieces. It’s really the only thing I have from this particular grandma, my mom’s mom. She died long before I was even thought of—she died when my mom was 18. My mom met my dad nearly 11 years later. So to think, that night, that this one piece of her would be gone…I had to see if it could be fixed. They did a great job, it’s nearly like new (or, at least, as good as it was while I had it at first). My favorite part is winding it. And wearing it. It just will not go in any pockets ever again! :-S Shoot me if I do! It’s keeping GREAT time. I’ve got to find a new watch band for it, something more in keeping with it’s femininity. It’s got a watchband now that I guess was my grandfather’s. I think it kinda suits it, but I also want something more feminine. I’m not totally girlie, but there are just some things…like I’d like to find a few more dresses, too. I might have to end up making my own, but then that would just be more practice! 😀

Okay, if you’ve read this far, go check out the current installment of the Clifton Saga, March. I’ll have more up, and hopefully will be caught up to where VV is soon!

You can thank a small conversation, Wall-to-Wall, with one of my high school classmates for me working on it tonight! 😀 (Hi Scott! ? ! ? !)

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