100 Word Challenge – Pleased

They’re like Pringles.

I’d like very much to start including a bible verse with each challenge, if I can. If I find one for them, this one included, then I’ll add it later.

“Are you Pleased?” Phillip yelled from the bedroom door.

Sheila held her head as she burrowed deeper under the covers. “Some Tylenol-” she croaked.

“On the table.” As he paused she could feel the white hot weight of his stare. “How could you embarrass me like that? Did you COME drunk?”

She sat up slowly to take the pills.

“My first chance to prove Mr. Mathews my worth…the debut of my engagement…introducing my coworkers to my family—and you GET DRUNK?!?!?”

Phillip stomped out.

The tears running down her face were hid by the water her shaking hand spilled.


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