Why doesn’t it seem to ever end?

This is the best I’ve felt since Thursday. I’m not sure what it is, but that pain started asserting itself yesterday. 😦 I was not happy. Just ask the kids *sigh* I’m thinking it might have been our visit to McDonald’s yesterday. Because that was the only thing that was different. I’m also feeling REALLY sick of this house. I wish we could be out (in a good, reasonable way) tomorrow. But it’s not going to happen. I hope for a better image of this house tomorrow. What I found really interesting was the I didn’t feel well this morning, but when we left and went to see my mom, I felt better. Was it that I can relax there? Was it that this place is making me sick? What is it? I can’t wait until T has gotten his credit cleaned up (which he is working diligently at right now), so we can start looking for a house! I want someplace better.

And I can’t stand that I feel bitter right now. I just feel downright horrible. I feel okay physically, as I said, but…..*sigh*

I’ve got dinner to take care of.

I can’t stand this place, have I mentioned that? At least P didn’t spread ALL of his toys around the living room floor today. Yet. I hope he won’t before bed, either. Just about an hour until I drag him in there. Maybe less (if I can get him to fall asleep on the couch next to me. :-|).


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