Thursday’s almost over..

What I’ve done off my list so far?

We took care of the claims paperwork. It’s all gone 😀 At least everything we’ve gotten up until this point.

This evening I did some vacuuming. And of course picked up all of P’s toys (with some help from him, yay!), so I could vacuum.

Then I sat down at the computer, and logged on to my email. I got a happy surprise—finally, I got paid for doing our taxes last month. Woo hoo! So, these three books will soon be on their way to me! 😀 Now all I’ve got to figure out is where to get sock yarn, and which 😀 Of course, unfortunately, I’m nearly $80 down already, from the books and a commitment I made to T. But that’s okay. The rest is my food money 😀 (Well, after I get the sock yarn)

But, it’s been a long day, and I’ve got a little guy who needs to go to bed!

Take care all!

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