Thursday Thirteen – Always…things to do, things to do

To once again give you all a glimpse at how far behind I let my house go (insert eye roll here), here’s a list of the top thirteen things I have to do around the house. It just never ends, does it?

Light at the end of the tunnel: T is working on clearing his credit history of all delinquent accounts, which will hopefully enable us to start trying to find our own home, using his credit history. There actually is not very much left for him to do. Heck, clearing up my credit history (other than my college loans) probably wouldn’t take too many months either! I’m kinda sad when I think about the fact that if I had taken the tuition refund and turned it to a savings account to accrue interest (instead of spending it all as soon as I got it or sooner), we wouldn’t currently have this problem. I could have paid of the loans pretty quickly, and/or looked into buying a home. Well, if I have the chance again, because of going back to college, then that is what I will do! 😐

So, without further ado…my list:

1. Send off accident claim paperwork – Not much left to do, just get a copy of the accident report and the invoice from the dealership for the repairs, then stuff the envelope with all that and the forms for the state accident report, and we’re done with this one. Much quicker than the last one. 🙂

2. Dishes – how I hate them. Ran out of the last dishsoap I had day before yesterday, and didn’t like that one much (even though it was that really cool Green Works stuff), because it left an aftertaste on the cups. :-S

3. Pick up all of P’s toys – I went through all of them last night as I was picking them up, and transferred everything he was keeping into a large plastic container. He’s already dumped that thing out. It’s not really as bad as it sounds, though.

4. Vacuum the floor – oh how it needs it.

5. Sweep (and mop?) the kitchen floor – Popcorn is the bane of my existence. There’s popped popcorn all over the kitchen floor. Plus, the floor NEEDS mopped.

6. Fold previously washed clothes – Been digging through the baskets and the tub (not the bathroom tub, but the …. oh good grief) to find things for me and P. No more. 😐

7. Pick up bathroom floor – never ends. More clothes have made their way there.

8. Pick up garbage – UGH!

9. Figure out what is needed in kitchen and elsewhere – grocery list.

10. Go to store – Just when I have enough money, it seems it’s all gone 😐

11. Pick up bedroom floor – didn’t I just do this?

12. Wash more clothes – since that’s the majority of what’s on the bathroom and bedroom floors.

13. Go through things – Just a little at a time will do it, and we’ll be good to go with this place. I think if I have a “deadline” set, much like when we were preparing to go to Colorado last year, then I can go “I’ve got to have the house prepared for ABC by XYZ,” and I’m more motivated. My new target date is June. So I have to have things consolidated before then, so we’re not moving everything out of this house that’s here and that we don’t need. I want to look into a self storage unit as well. The problem is just deciding what things I do and don’t want to part with. A lot of the kids’ old things, like toys and clothes, are really difficult to part with. And some of it, I want to be kind and save for my sister when/if she and her husband ever have kids of their own! Then there’s the stuff (mostly old computer junk) that’s T’s. I wish I knew of a place to recycle computer stuff. Hey, P’s Sunday School teacher works at a computer place, maybe she knows of a place to send computer stuff to recycle!

Come back next week to see if I’ve completed my list. And to see other Thursday 13 participants, go to the new hub 😀


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