So nice…

I’ve been wondering, how many people out there read my blog regularly, and thus were wondering how today turned out.

Got up and got ready to head to the county seat this morning, bright and early. T was home, but P wasn’t up, so I was able to leave fairly easily. Of course, this whole last week I was praying things would wrap themselves up pretty fast—in fact, that I would have called last night and found that I didn’t have to go in. Alas, not so.

So, took the half hour to drive out there, went in, went through the metal detector, then went up the elevator and to the second door on the left (there were a couple police officers, doing their thing, or where they simply the court version of police? No idea how that works. But they were there, waiting, I would guess in their usual post. Anyhow, they told a group of us who had just come off the elevator where to go. Not to any of us specific, but us in general. Must have been the slightly lost looks. Or the Juror Summons in some people’s hands.). Sat for about 15 minutes before the one lady…I forget her position…came in and told us we’d have to go up and sign in then fill out this form then watch a video. They’ve got a nice room set up just for the jury now. I guess during jury selection before it was all done in the court room and there was milling about outside of the room or something. Don’t know. Anyhow, filled out the form after signing in, got to talking to the lady next to me some, then watched the video after the commissioner of juries lady talked. After the video we had a quick break, and then the head judge for the county came in.

We got good news. It seems they were down to one last remaining felony case, and that guy finally plead guilty. They say sometimes it just takes them knowing the people are waiting to go through jury selection to get them to make that decision.

Or maybe the people are just holding out. Or they really believe in their own innocence. I’ve (thankfully) never been in that kind of position (or else I WOULDN’T have been in that room to begin with), where I had to make such a life or death decision as “should I take a plea, or expose my family to this?” Hope I never have to. But I would hope, if I were innocent, I’d believe enough in myself not to cop to something I didn’t do. 😐

Now to just figure out where to learn who was the hold out, and what the different cases were about. Maybe I’ll be able to find it another time.

On to other news—We got the check for the repairs today. Hopefully we will be getting the loan T put in for the deductible. I don’t like to do that, and neither does he, but if we are to get the car back right away, we’ve got to do it. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do a payment plan, so it’s just faster this way.

Wow, I’ve been up about 17 hours now, and I am getting tired! So it’s time for me to have some more water, then go to bed!

Take care y’all. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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