This is so nice to know…plus pictures (though, well….not of what it’s so nice to know)

Yeah. You’ll thank me that I won’t be showing you what it’s so nice to know. That would just be gross. No, I’ll be blessing you with (edited) pictures of the damage to the car. Which I had working batteries when it was up on the jack, but these are still interesting. I’m not going to show you all of them, just the outer views…T took some of what’s behind the front tire. 🙂

Pictures first. That way if you don’t want to know what it is that I’m so happy to know (though I will be sketchy) because it’s a bit personal, you can leave before that comes up 🙂 (Stop at the poetry if you want.)

Here’s a side view of both the front and back tires:


And the next is a cropping of the back tire in that photo, maybe you’ll be able to see how flat it is better. T says it was “debeaded” which as I understand it means the inner edge of the tire came off the rim:


Finally, another picture of the front tire. Really wish he had taken a different angle than these, but what can I do (other than go and take them over myself)? We should be getting the car back on Tuesday, which kinda sucks because that’s the day I’ve got jury duty! :-S Hope I don’t have to go in!!!

Here’s the photo:


I did some writing today! Woo hoo, go me! I was laying down, just relaxing, thinking I was going to fall back asleep, before we left for church, and I was thinking of VV’s 100 Word Challenge, and how Lou has been writing haikus for his lately, and how it impresses everyone, and how I’d probably be able to do them myself because I’ve got MAD SKILLS in the writing and poetry area (especially since, despite the fact that 100 isn’t a multiple of 17, you need 17 syllables—not words—which could fit quite well into 100 words). Not to worry about that, though, because it seems the Cliftons are to make many return engagements in my 100 Word Challenge entries. Then I got to thinking about that poem, that mostly kids write, in the shape of a diamond, and how I always liked that one, almost as much as I definitely like haikus, and I came up with one. Here ya go:

for itself
has never been
my cup of tea-
some things have a purpose-
the perfect cup: lukewarm,
just enough honey,
perfectly steeped

See? I’m tellin’ ya—MAD SKILLS!

So, the thing that I’m happy to know—the reason I’ve been feeling so horrible. Something “showed up” that hasn’t since about December. That’s good, I was hoping I wasn’t pregnant. What with starting the blood pressure meds and all. But last night my heart got all “trippy” on me, with palpitations and all, and I was just getting really spooked. Then this morning, yippee.

And the inside of a little set of nostrils and a throat looks a bit pink.

Okay. Take care. See you tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. OK, about the thing that is so good to know …

    My something hadn’t shown up since December 5 ..and I took two pregnancy tests despite the fact that I had my tubes tied nine years ago …. and then it did on February 18th. OMG. It was a blow out. I gave up any form of protection that I had at home … none would handle it. Started using folded up pieces of towels, folded over to make 8 layers … soaked through that every hour for 48 hours. I was seriously thinking that I might need to go to the hospital when abruptly it stopped.

    So, just let it be considered a warning. You may be in for a heavy ride. I took this as a serious warning of pre-menopause and started using natural progesterone cream. Hears hoping for a bit of normalcy

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