Haiku Friday (just a tad bit late)

Almost a year since
this and “Whoops he did it again
Only owies—to the car

Our car looks just like a
puppy with a hurt paw (trucks are
more fun than I thought!).

Was goin’ strong until
Wednesday/Thursday, looks like I
hit a brick wall…are the

blood pressure meds not
working anymore? (Maybe I should
lay off the coffee. Ya think?)

Looking forward to
more writing. First, finish March,
work on Pleased, and

now, isn’t it Tragic?
(I found the inspiration and
path for the Clifton’s Saga!)

Tried to get outside
(though not a lot of walkin’)
with our warm weather.

Yesterday Mom fell
broke one leg, hurt the other like
before. My question is

now is, will she ever
walk again? Now hoping for a
better week next week.



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