Another few days…

where I almost wish I had stayed in bed. My back is hurting again, enough that I’d rather have been immobile yesterday, though getting up and walking around helps some—while it hurts more. Because my legs can start going…fuzzy.

But today I plan on doing less, so I can do more. Less sitting here at the computer and on the couch, so that I can do more cleaning. This place certainly needs it. I can’t help wishing we lived someplace else still. I can’t stand this place anymore 😦 One day it will all solve itself. But I wonder, if I can’t even get up to do stuff now, how much trouble will I have when it comes time to pack it all up. I’m just not as nimble as I used to be/want to be. 😦 Even just a year, really, makes a lot of difference.

Didn’t get to do all I wanted. I at least started sorting stuff into those filing cabinets. Then we left to go bring stuff to the post office, then I went to mom’s, now I’m back home. I’ll be bringing the little guy out soon, just as soon as I get the phone call I’m waiting for. Called the shop that’s supposed to be fixing my watch, because I haven’t heard anything back.


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