Monday morning relaxation techiniques…

Are there such a thing? I just thought it was funny to put that.

Oh, I know one—driving (or, in today’s case so far, riding in) the truck we are renting until the Grand Am is fixed. That poor little car—it looks funny, with the front tire hanging there. We dropped of my car key, and saw that they had the front of the Grand Am jacked up, presumably so that the damage could be assessed. T said it looks like a puppy with a hurt paw. Poor thing 😦

I can’t tell you exactly why, but most of the time when I tell people about the accident, and sometimes when I’m just thinking about it, it makes me laugh. It’s not funny, because it is after all an ACCIDENT, but there’s things to be thankful about it. He wasn’t injured, no one else was injured, we get to drive a pretty cool truck, which meant I didn’t have to drive that little thing on the dirt road at the place D had her Girl Scout camping retreat. It is sorta funny that the police officer and the tow truck both hit the same spot and had pretty much the same problem.

Oh man, I don’t think I should have had that Tim Horton’s Hot Smoothie. I don’t know what it is, but chocolate and stuff like the Hot Smoothie get me really tired, and sorta headachey (though right now I don’t have much of a headache, I’m just really tired). Coffee, not so much as it could, but then I also finished off my coffee from yesterday…but, I don’t have nearly as many cups of coffee as I used to.

Still, I have a lot of things that need done. I’m going to make a Working Willingly page after this. And get a glass of water! The only thing that sucks is that I don’t have many garbage bags left, and I’m going to be using them all. I’m hoping for the payment for doing our taxes last month, soon, because I need that money (and, woo hoo, T told me I didn’t need to transfer it to him, I could have it all 😀 Great, that’s my food money, just a little mad money (some pattern books and some yarn :-D), and I’ve got to pay for the last sales tax quarter, since I never filed (they confused the heck out of me, pains). I’ll be able to take some of what’s left in the checking (over and above rent, there’s not much), and take care of it, but then I’ll have to reimburse myself. Still, all that considered, I get a good chunk that will be going mostly to Aldi’s. 😛


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