Summing up my Saturday.

So, if you’ve been reading today, you will have learned that my husband got in Accident #2 this morning. You’ll also have learned that it was minor. And that I’m not thrilled with February this year. Last year it was March. In part because T had Accident #1. Accident #2 (much like #1) was minor, and resulted in no injuries, but just enough damage to the car to make it inoperable (in both cases, the tires were affected). Switch the numbers around, and that’s how many cars were involved (#1 had 2 cars, while #2 was just him).

Anyhow, after T got home and described the accident to me, I handed the phone over to him and had him call in the claim. Then we set about waiting for Enterprise to call—-which they didn’t, I called them, but our local branch had no cars today, so we went up to Hamburg and got one there. With my dad’s help, of course, since I called him and asked him to come down once I learned that, nope, T did NOT get the carseat out. It was freezing, the carseat wasn’t the first thing on his mind.

We got a Chevy Colorado. I’ve never driven a truck before (neither, to my knowledge, has T. And since he’s only been driving since 2004, I have it in pretty good confidence that he has not. Unless he drove his dad’s truck at some time I wasn’t looking. Or a cousin’s, while we were in Colorado and Wyoming. The Dodge Ram doesn’t count.). I was apprehensive.

But this thing’s actually FUN to drive. Maybe it’s just the novelty of the car. But I like it. This is just the kind of car T’s always wanted. I bet he was in heaven the mile he just drove it to work. He’ll be home about 4:30, so I couldn’t convince him to let me keep the thing overnight. 😦 Boo hoo.

But our poor baby is at the dealership now. We didn’t have the dealership take care of it last year, but this year I told him BEFORE the police got there (because he called me first, silly man) to make sure it was towed there. I hope we don’t now get over charged, cause that would just suck. It sucks enough that we’re getting charged for the rental–just $3 a day, but we didn’t get that last year. Hmm. The girl at the Hamburg branch gave me some line about how Allstate only pays for $30 a day. Well, maybe our rental last year cost less than $30 a day last year. And we don’t get extra insurance from them. Our insurance covers the rental too. How silly would it be to get in an accident with the rental while your car is in getting fixed from an accident. I’d better be careful though, because I might just jinx us! :-S Wouldn’t want that!

Now I must turn my attention to next week. Starting with church tomorrow, of course. And to my little guy, who now has a good cough and congestion. Should I bring him to church? Now I’m perplexed. I would suppose that he’s no longer contagious, but I don’t want people going “they’re exposing my child to whatever bug he has.” As if this was the first time. It was a week later, but I brought him to church the Sunday after his febrile seizure. That sucks. I wanted to start the complete tithe tomorrow too. I can’t get the Expectorant in him that soon. Or at least I don’t expect it to work that fast. I’ll definitely bring him to MOPS on Tuesday. I’ve already written out the tithing check. That was yesterday. So either way it will get sent to them, it WILL NOT get turned back into the general funds. Not that it ever really was.

The other thing I mostly have to turn my attention to is cleaning this house. I’ve had just a few days of really feeling like me. So little has happened…I picked up pretty good yesterday, but not completely. I think I ought to write up a Working Willingly post. 😐


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