Haiku Friday – making a comeback! 2/27/09


Makin’ a Comeback!

fog for too many weeks—
confusion, guilt, fear, self-doubt,
sickness goin’ around.

sat on my duff, feeling
like scum, almost nothing done,
(at least I could create)

two doc visits, antibiotics
for me and the little man, maybe strep G—
then, bp meds, small relief!

But not up to par,
still, normal is much too far—
did I pull a back

muscle? found i could do
nothing but—gasp—DISHES, YICK!
wow, they’re almost done!

woke up yesterday,
starting to feel like me again.
what a great feeling.

Now if only I could
find my mp3 player (and create world peace)
I’d be a happy woman.

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