Finally Friday Once Again

Today has been a pretty good day so far. I woke up feeling pretty good. Tired (since I had gone to bed at about 2 am), but good all the same. Of course, I had to go to the doctor for a follow-up with the Physician’s Assistant on my blood pressure meds, but that’s fine. T had stuff to do as well, so I got up, took a shower, the little guy got up right about when I was done, and once the little man was dressed, we left. I was in and out in about 20 minutes—good timing for a doctor’s office that would normally take about 3 times that long if you’re lucky. I met an older lady who was also knitting a dishcloth (brought my cone with as my take along project), and talked to her for a few minutes (I still had time to kill as I had told T it would take an hour “tops”. He came back at nearly the 1 hour mark). Then she had to go in so I went outside and walked around a nearby building (one of the storefronts there is the consignment shop I have my stuff at), and watched for T until it started raining. Then I sat and saw 2 people from when I was a teenager, one a neighbor and one someone on my paper route. Then T and P showed up 🙂 He didn’t take a loop around the parking lot like I had hoped, he just parked and started coming in, then saw me in the foyer of the building. 🙂

Then it was off to a bill (they were away from the office), and to get some pancakes (I wanted pancakes!). Then to bring T home because he finally has it in his head to pay off all the delinquent bills, to clear up his credit record so we can buy a house, and he wanted to do a couple today, but to make sure they were posted as today, he had to do it before noon. It was 11am when we left Denny’s (I told ya, I wanted PANCAKES! And I didn’t want to make them :-D).

Then the little man and I got to go around and have some “fun”. Took care of that bill I needed to, plus went to see if Paper Factory had heart shaped envelopes (nope. I mentioned why when I talked about tithing earlier this week, I think). Then to WalMart, to pick up a few things. I decided to make more rice packs, for the kids.

That’s when I was oddly reminded of God and how he works. I ran into none other than my poetry teacher from my senior year in high school. You have no idea what I’m talking about? Go back and look at this week’s Food 4 Thought and Friday Fillins. In the first FillIn, I mention a certain poem form we did with her, and that I’d been wanting to do for a while. So the first thing that ran through my head after “hey, that’s a teacher from high school” was “hey, that’s THE teacher that I did that poem with.” So I asked her, with an explanation of the meme and my blog, if she could send me that. I mean, OF COURSE she remembers it. I doubt I still have that ANYWHERE. So she said she’d look through her journals and send it to me if she found it. How awesome is that? That’s how God works in my life. LOL! These crazy small things that I think “hey, that would be great” and then POOF there it is! It always leaves me wondering and scratching my head. It shows that He sees and hears EVERY LITTLE THING. That’s such a LITTLE thing. So is the Amish Friendship Bread Batter, from several months ago. I’ve got some in the fridge, because with the lead up of getting sick, I tossed the ones that I had on the counter. I had saved the one in the fridge the last time I had to do them up. This way, since it was frozen on the 10th day, I can make stuff with it, as well as portioning the stuff out. I don’t have to wait. Good if I have to bring in a baked good for MOPS. 😀 Anyhow, it’s of course yet to be seen if she’ll send it to me. I figure, I’ll probably forget I ran into her when it shows up, LOL!

It’s just cool to point out.

Then we had a nice trip to the library, got some books I will probably actually read, and requested several from a series I’ve been working on for a while, by Kage Baker. Since Paper Factory had no heart shaped envelopes, I had to print off instructions on how to make them. Got some construction paper at WalMart, so we should be good to go.


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