Thursday Thirteen – Updating what needed to be done – 2/26/09

1. Pick up the floor – Done on the weekend—even got T to help out some. Of course, it needs to be done again…

2. Fold clothes – Done—sat on the couch and did them. I prefer to be up and moving between the couch and the basket, but it worked. It’s done.

3. Wash clothes – Some are done. More need to be.

4. Pay gas bill – Not yet. Soon though. You know, after rent, this is the biggest bill we have. It’s horrible.

5. Sort and organize filing cabinets – Ha ha ha ha ha—not yet.

6. Go see mom – Done. Of course. Multiple times. But last Thursday I just needed to get out of the house. That was the best place to go.

7. Collect garbage – Did some then, will need to do more.

8. Call realtor to start looking into a different place, one way or another – Haven’t done it yet. Will probably eventually email him.

9. Dishes – This was the only thing I could do for a couple days, because of my back. It was the only thing I did and it didn’t hurt. I’ve got to do more.

10. Make another loaf of bread – Done

11. Get some exercise – I move around when I can. But my legs felt a bit numb when I did, with whatever I had done to my back. I’ve got to go to the doc, I think to follow up with my blood pressure meds, and I’ll mention I did it. Especially if it still hurts. Well, it doesn’t really hurt anymore, but I’ll still mention it.

12. Get a backrub from T – Got it, didn’t help my back much.

13. Talk to T and make final decision on tithing challenge – Talked to him. It’s almost there, though. This Sunday we’ll start.

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