About my personality.

So, I was looking around a blog I read, and found a personality test badge she had taken. I was intrigued and clicked on it. Here’s the graph that resulted:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Figuring I’d have to pay for it, I checked out the profile for my personality type. I didn’t, thank goodness…but what I found was that, of the list of career matches, I identify myself or aspire to be at least a third or so of them. Here’s the list, with the ones I plan on doing or have at least considered bolded:

* Administrative Assistant
* Artist (already a fiber artist 😀 )
* Carpenter
* Chef (both because I’m a mom…but I think working in some kitchens would be too stressful. But I love to cook)
* Child Care (momentarily…)
* Church Worker (not a bad idea)
* Clerical Supervisor
* Composer
* Counselor
* Dental Staff
* Designer
* Early Childhood Development
* Editor (considered)
* Forest Ranger
* Homemaker (already am)
* Librarian (plan to become)
* Mechanic (huh?)
* Medical Staff
* Musician (never in a million years, unfortunately)
* Naturalist (double huh?)
* Nurse (well, as a mom…)
* Pediatrician
* Personal Service Worker (what’s this?)
* Physical Therapist
* Psychologist (yes, I’ve considered it)
* Social Worker (considered this too)
* Teacher (there was a time…)
* Technical Specialist
* Trainer (of what?)
* Veterinarian (eww)
* Waiter/Waitress (food service doesn’t agree with me 😦 )
* Writer (like, duh)
* X-Ray Technician

Then I went back and took the other one (also included in the badge, if you haven’t noticed). There wasn’t anything interesting there. Well, nothing new anyhow. There’s a tease on the page that talks about the badges…it shows there’s a badge for “Spiritual Gifts”. I guess that’s one they are working on, because it’s not in the tabs, so I can’t take it. 😐

Oh well, enjoy your own tests 😀


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