Crazy Monday.

Today is just one of those odd days. I should have stayed in bed. Or stayed up one of the first times I woke up.

It was okay up until the time I had to get ready to go over to the church for my crochet meeting for MOPS. Yeah, still no one showed up. I mean, I could have potentially had 3 people there this time—4 if one of them had done as they speculated and brought a friend. But, nope, no one. Just me, sitting there wondering what it is that I’m doing wrong with this group. Do I really have to call people that often? If you sign up for something, isn’t that saying you intend to come? Why then don’t you show up? Especially when the person says “bring your kids”? What’s up with that? Why does this always happen to ME??? Do I really have to remind someone that often? I mean, you’re an adult, you signed up for this thing—if you want to learn, come. If not, don’t sign up!

But I’m not going to take it out on anyone else. I just asked God what it is I did wrong. I don’t think I’ve gotten an answer yet, but we’ll see. Maybe, though, I’m just not cut out for starting groups. I seem to suck at it.

I tell ya, it definitely doesn’t help my paranoia/inferiority complex. That just keeps getting bigger 😐

And my back still hurts. I think I’ll go in the living room and put my rice pack on it. That will make it feel better 🙂


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