Saturday 9: Letting the Sparks Fly 2/21/09


1. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?

To a nice quiet place, when everyone else is asleep. Or to the beach. I like being by the water. Anywhere that I have a piece of paper and a pen. No more is really needed.

2. What would be one thing that would embarrass you a great deal?

Hmm….good question. There’s not much to embarrass me anymore. But the wrong conversation in front of the wrong people, then maybe I’ll get more pink than my blood pressure would do.

3. What values did your parents instill in you?

Lots of good ones. Honesty, loyalty. I think honesty’s a big one.

4. What’s a fad of your teen years that you remember well?

It was the 90’s. Name one, I’ll probably know it. I was pretty plain back then…I didn’t often get to buy into fads (because my mom wouldn’t get them for me).

5. What is your favorite breakfast?

Oatmeal, it seems.

6. What is the best birthday gift that you have received?

Hmm. I’m not sure. I don’t get much now, and I can’t tell ya many from when I was a kid either. Today’s going to be a boring edition…

7. What gadget could you not live without?

My mp3 player. I LOVE that thing!

8. Do you collect anything?

Angels, crochet patterns, yarn.

9. What website (non-blog) do you regularly visit?

If you check my “most visited” bookmark, it’s I’ve had a Club Pogo membership there for several years. I don’t know if I’m going to renew it this year, either. We’ll see next month.


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