Thursday evening.

Back still hurts. Mom said that it’s common for an injury like this to be something simple, and it’s common for the family too. I would think it’s common for everyone. Anyhow, a big reason why it’s common is because, well, we’re big people. Good grief, but it hurts all the way across sometimes. My mom’s had problems (just rolling over in bed one night, I remember it from back 20 years ago), my dad and my sister. I’m looking forward to when the ice pack is cooled off, so I can go put that on my back. Then tomorrow I’m going to make a rice pack, heat it up and put it on my back. My mom says it’s a soft tissue injury. I don’t guess there’s much I can do about it 😐 This is how my winter usually goes, though—no sooner do I rehabilitate from one thing, and something else levels me for a while. 😦 I hope this doesn’t last too long. Wish me luck 🙂


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