Tuesday evening

Not totally up to par yet, but not feeling too bad either. Well, not feeling as bad as I have. Bedtime is still difficult. Not fun at all. Right now, it’s coming up on bedtime. The little guy’s actually doing pretty good, I think. He’s still rather energetic. And if I really look back on that evening, he seemed a bit out of sorts….wanting to sit and cuddle, not get up and run around, which he has totally been doing this evening.

And tonight I’m not even hungry, leading up to bedtime. I had a sandwich and carrots before I left for my MOPS meeting, in an effort to have a fuller tummy so I don’t pig out at the meeting, and then just 2 pieces of a party pizza while there, and when I came home like 2 pieces of celery. T made pot pies he had bought the other day when we went grocery shopping, and I didn’t want even one. He expected that I hadn’t eaten, but of course I had. I just didn’t feel hungry. Don’t. I don’t even want some cookies. Sure, the idea “oh, let’s find the Dulce Girl Scout cookies” has gone through my head a few times, as well as “it would be okay to have a pot pie”, but it doesn’t even sound appetizing. 😐 I think that Great Health God’s Way might be helping too.

Still holding tight to His hand. Not going to stop.

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